“Plan, execute, pray 00:05am of 15th July 2019 happens to be the most depressing day of my existence; result for the four #ACCA papers I wrote was published and I failed all. I consoled myself and started thinking of the way forward -- passing the papers within five months. I performed root-cause analysis and summarized as follows; Knowledge gap existed Poor exam strategy and Inadequate preparation time To overcome these, I decided to take break from work in order to guarantee adequate preparation time and registered at @ivyleagueprof . The tution centre solved the two problems of exam strategy and knowledge gap. I made personal decision of not missing a class come rain or shine. This was the best decision of the period as the tutors went beyond class requirement and impacted knowledge that is work tuned. They were always available to attend to you even during odd hours and their follow up skills on whatsapp was very impressive. I made new friends that had same dedication like myself and the revision meetings built my confidence which I used to resit those papers. I was satisfied with my performance that I was bold to check my results that confirmed that journey which began late 2015, which has deprived me of my weekends, has finally come to a happy ending. In conclusion, I'd like to give special shout out to @seyioshibolu , the deity of AFM and AAA, you made a meal of these courses, @jamiu and @olafizy , the walking IFRS and @ikeolumba for his guidance for leadership and management course. You all hold a special place in my heart. Cheers!!!!”

Robinson Izuchukwu Ezeh

(Affiliate – December 2019 diet)