1. No staff or employee is allowed to receive cash from any student for tuition or any other payment due to the school.
    1. All payments for services (tuition) should be made using available payment options below:
      1. Transfers (Direct credit)-A system generated evidence will be required.
      2. Payment to bank – A teller evidence will be required.
      3. POS-Payment valid upon transaction completion and receipt generation.
      4. Draft- Bank draft raised in favor of the school
    2. Post-dated cheques are not allowed.
    3. No receipt will be issued for cheques issued until it is cleared. A cheque issued by weekend can only be value dated for the following Monday or the first working day subsequent to the issuance.
    4. All students must complete a registration form and pay the applicable fee. New students are required to pay an initial registration fee.
    5. No student will be allowed in class unless full payment is made.
    6. Where full payment is not made, at least 70% of the tuition fee due must be paid on admission with the student completing the receivables register and the 30% balance must be paid within a month all subject to the concurrence of the director of admin/chief registrar in writing.
    7. 70% part payment students who fail to settle after 1 month will not be allowed in class.


  1. Generally, no student will be allowed to defer a course, change class or stream after two weekends of registration or attending four lecture sessions unless there is convincing evidence to support the reason(s) for such and all subject to the approval of the director of admin/chief registrar in writing.
  2. No student will be allowed to call for a refund after attending at least two lecture sessions or after two weekends of registration (whichever is earlier).
  3. In very exceptional cases of call for a refund (backed by evidence), such student will require the approval of the director of finance.
  4. If approved, the refundable amount shall be reduced to 80% of the amount paid after the first two weeks of payment (or two lecture sessions attended whichever is earlier), 50% after the first four weeks of payment (or four lecture sessions attended whichever is earlier), no refund after the six weeks of payment (or six lecture sessions attended whichever is earlier).
  5. Any of such change/refund should be communicated through email to the director of finance with attached evidence.
  6. As part of monitoring its performance, Ivy League Associates may provide your details to ACCA for result analysis services.
  7. Lecture fees are subject to a review at the end of every diet and may be changed without prior notification
  8. Where discounts are claimed for a particular course, you cannot defer the course except you forgo the discount and subject to the deferral terms above.


Ivy League will not represent any student in applying for visa as we are not authorized to perform such function. However we may support students by providing cover letter and documents as required by our law which can help the students to processed the Visa.